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Maximizing Returns with an Ethical Approach

At Universal Credit Services, performance isn’t a choice – it’s a requirement. We offer our clients the flexibility and personal touch of a small company, with the technology, efficiency, and experience of a large company.

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UCS understands the challenges and intricacies of healthcare collection. Our services provide the care that patients need while still delivering superior performance for our clients. General healthcare, behavioral health services, orthopedics, radiology, pediatrics, medical equipment, and more.


UCS offers a variety of tools and resources to help you maximize your debt collection revenue. Cut down on time-consuming processes and help recover past-due accounts.


UCS works with local or state government offices that need effective third-party debt collection services. Collect unpaid taxes, utilities, fines, and fees with ease by utilizing our industry-leading systems and processes.


Our team works with you to recover the unpaid business debt owed to you. With sometimes much larger amounts involved, we understand the collection of these debts is imperative to your company’s operations.

Financial Services

The team at UCS ensures that financial debt collection is handled swiftly and with thorough communication. By doing this, both the consumer and client are able to trust the process and get the desired results.

Diversified Recovery Strategies

UCS makes managing your account receivables easy and efficient by providing superior solutions that accelerate your cash flow and improve your financial performance.

Our profit recovery staff has years of experience providing a vast variety of customized recovery solutions that lower your cost and dramatically increase recovery of your receivables.

We are a contingency-based agency that requires no front-end cash or long-term commitments. We only get paid when you get paid.

Our experience and advanced technology allow us to design a unique revenue management program to match the needs of your practice or business. UCS has a variety of services that can help contain your costs while increasing your recoveries, quickly and efficiently.

Our comprehensive account recovery solutions include:

By applying a scientific, yet consumer-friendly approach to profit recovery and capitalizing on the latest in account receivable management, we can locate and recover your accounts faster and with fewer complaints.

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Revenue collection experts improving your bottom line

Our transparent, systematic workflow continually monitors your recovery team’s progress. This allows for flexibility and adaptation to the changing characteristics of your business needs.

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